Folk Ale At A Glance

Thursday from 6pm

Andy Smythe
Emma Tubmen
Ian Petrie
The Last Hurrah
Bea Everett

Friday from noon

Didge Beat George
Danny Tonks
Kaz Langridge
Bob Kenward
Sibby and Lily Kim
Sally Ironmonger
Ten Pence Moon
Message From The Ravens
Tener Duende
Buffo’s Wake

Saturday from noon

Leo James
John and Di Cullen
Natasha Norodien
Hannah Scott
Dave Ellis and Boo Howard
Jez Lowe
Green Diesel
Hobo and the Hippies
Forest of Fools

Sunday from noon

Open Mic
Two Hours Of Squid
Emma Tubmen
Henty and English
Enda McCabe
Border Crossing
Shake Me Up Sally
Tim Edey

We will be taking a break on the main stage from 5.30pm to 6.30pm each day and invite you to join us for a lovely dinner at our brilliant food tent.

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